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New York Times bestselling graphic novelist, author, and games writer. Read more.

Contact & Representation

Readers’ Letters

Reader correspondence, and emails for comic book letter columns, should be sent to All letters will be assumed OK to print unless otherwise stated.

Press & Publicity

Official bio is here. Author headshots are here.

Publicity enquiries: Ruth Killick Publicity
Rights and translation enquiries: Sarah Such Literary Agency

Contact Walker Books

Marvel Comics & Videogames:
Contact the relevant publisher

All other press requests:
Enquire to

Agents & Rights

For fiction and graphic novels, Antony is represented by Sarah Such Literary Agency.

Screenwriting repped by Scott Agostoni.

IP/media rights, videogames, and all other work enquiries: contact Antony directly.

Talks, Appearances, Conventions

To book Antony for an appearance, signing, lecture, etc: