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Sample scripts

This is a small selection of scripts from my comics, which you may find useful.


Act I of the script for my graphic novel JULIUS, written in 2003. This script shows my original script format (JULIUS was written entirely in Final Draft — see below), and is a good example of how I direct an artist I've never worked with before.

JULIUS Act I script (PDF).


By comparison, this script for issue #9 of WASTELAND shows a later format (much the same, but with some tweaks) though the style is looser and more casual — by the time this was written, in late 2006, Chris and I had been working together for almost a year.

WASTELAND #9 script (PDF).


This 2010 format for SHADOWLAND: BLOOD ON THE STREETS is barely changed again, though the software was different; by this time I'd been writing entirely in Scrivener for three years. This script was another case of working with a new artist, so some of the direction is quite formal and detailed.

SHADOWLAND: BotS #1 script (PDF).


The debut issue of UMBRAL, from 2013. Again, the format is tweaked, but still clearly recognisable from the very first sample. But this script was for Chris Mitten, and by now we'd already made around 700 pages of comics together. So in terms of style, this is (for me, anyway) exceptionally informal. There are also fairly extensive writer's notes on this issue on tumblr.

UMBRAL #1 script (PDF).



Scrivener features an integrated Comic Script format template which I designed in conjunction with the application's author, and is based on my original Final Draft template. Click here for articles showing how I use this template.

Scrivener website

Final Draft

As of Version 8.0, Final Draft includes some graphic novel scripting templates with the application. However, they are in my opinion rather poor and old-fashioned, and I continue to use my own template, as explained above.

My Final Draft template is available in two versions, for v6 or v8.

Final Draft v6 template

Final Draft v8 template

N.B.: These templates were originally designed for the versions stated of Final Draft, on Mac OS X. They should run on other platforms and versions, but I can't guarantee that, and I don't support it in any way. The templates are supplied as-is, with no warranty or indemnity given or implied. If Final Draft breaks or your computer blows up, it's not my fault. By downloading the templates, you agree to this disclaimer.


Although I no longer use it (thanks to the release of Scrivener for iOS), I created a quick comics template in the Fountain plaintext markup language, which can be handy when you're travelling and all you have to hand is a plain text editor.

Fountain comics format template

Slugline, a screenwriting app designed to use Fountain natively from Stu Maschwitz, one of Fountain's creators.

Highland, a Fountain-based screenwriting and PDF conversion app from John August, another of Fountain's creators.

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