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Hot on the heels of EAGLE STRIKE and the new edition of STORMBREAKER comes the 2012 edition of POINT BLANC, in the oversized format and sporting a lovely new cover.

POINT BLANC has always been one of my favourite Alex Rider novels — it’s lean, tense, exotic, and features explosive action. And I’m not alone; it’s also a favourite for many of Alex’s dedicated young readers, and the GN was of course selected for the British School Library Association’s Boys Into Books programme.

It was also the first AR graphic novel where I had to follow the book (STORMBREAKER was based on the screenplay) but also make significant cuts and compress the plot, in order to keep it to the commissioned length. Perhaps that’s why it has a special place in my heart.

Or maybe I just really like the title pun.

The new edition of POINT BLANC is on sale now in the UK. Doubtless other countries will follow… as, indeed, will SKELETON KEY soon enough. Can’t wait.



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