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Hello. I'm Antony Johnston, and I write comics, graphic novels, and videogames.
I also make podcasts and music for fun.
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I’m off to the States next week, for a couple of events.

  • First I’ll be at GDC Online in Austin, specifically for the Game Narrative Summit. The Summit is where I first delivered my Comics to Consoles talk in 2010, but I enjoyed the other talks so much, and met so many lovely people, that I’m returning as a mere punter.

    (2012 is also the last year of GDC Online, before it morphs into GDC Next and moves to LA. This makes me sad.)

    I’ll be in Austin for all of Tuesday and Wednesday; short notice, I know, but get in touch if you want to set up a meeting. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the Ginger Man…

  • From there, I go straight to the New York Comic Con. This is a special one for two reasons:

    First, THE COLDEST CITY artist Sam Hart will be there. This is probably the only time Sam and I will ever sign together, what with him living in Brazil and all. So if you want to get a copy of CC defaced by both of us, NYCC is the place to do it. Oni are at booth #1221.

    Second, FASHION BEAST artist Facundo Percio will also be there. Frankly, this may be the only time Facundo and I ever sign together too, what with him living in Argentina and all. So if FASHION BEAST is more your thing, steer yourself that way. Avatar are at booth #812.

    Friday: Avatar 2.00-3.00, Oni 4.00-4.45

    Saturday: Avatar 11.00-12.00, Oni 1.00-1.45, Oni 4.00-4.45

    Sunday: Avatar 11.00-12.00, Oni 1.00-1.45

    See you there!



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