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WASTELAND #40 goes on sale this week.

This is the start of a brand new story arc, ‘Lost in the Ozone’, in which Michael and Abi continue their journey west… and encounter far more than they expected out here in the wasteland.

This arc also sees the debut of Russel Roehling, a superb illustrator and painter who’s joining us for this story arc. You can see some of Russel’s work, and read me singing his praises, in this recent interview I did with Comic Book Resources.

Here’s the solicit text for this issue:

Michael and Abi journey ever farther west, searching for A-Ree-Yass-I. In the shadow of a Precity they find the small town of Far Enough, and a very special encounter that could answer some of their questions. But family ties are strong, and a falling meteor that shatters the Precity could spell disaster for their quest…

The order code is AUG121234, available from all good comic stores and digitally through Comixology, as always.

There’s also a brief preview at Comic Book Resources, but the pages are exactly the same as in that CBR interview, so you may as well read that instead.



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