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So I already confirmed it here last week, but now Walker Books have issued an official press release:

Massive Success for Alex Rider Graphic Novel Series: Continued with Scorpia and Ark Angel adapted by Antony Johnston

Walker Books UK is proud to announce that New York Times bestselling graphic novelist Antony Johnston is signed up to write the scripts for Scorpia and Ark Angel graphic novels — the next two Alex Rider adventures from Anthony Horowitz’s phenomenally successful teen superspy series.

Sales of the Alex Rider graphic novels for children now top over 70,000 copies and Walker Books is delighted to continue bringing the well-loved character to dedicated fans — as well as new audiences — with the dynamic, full-colour format.

Scorpia and Ark Angel are set to release in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The books will publish in the eye-catching new cover design which aligns the graphic novels with the stunning re-issues of the original Alex Rider novels.

(Emphasis mine, just in case you glossed over it. This was the first I learned of those dates, too, and now hopefully people will stop asking… at least for a while!)

The release continues with quotes from me and my agent Sarah Such, who embarrasses me with praise, and further confirms that Emma Vieceli has also signed to draw both books. Emma and I have been friends for years, and we’ve been trying to find something to work on together for most of that time, so I’m delighted to have her on board for Alex’s further adventures.

So: it’s all official. I’ve already finished SCORPIA, and I start scripting ARK ANGEL in the new year. Onward!



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