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To nobody’s surprise, I’ll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend.

“TB” is one of my favourite conventions, and not just because it’s the closest to my house — it’s also one of the few big UK events that’s focused entirely on comics. I’ve watched it grow from a tiny one-day con in the basement of Leeds town hall to a major two-day event, while never losing its heart. Warms me cockles, so it does.

(It’s also because TB is the only con I know of with an official disco night! If you’re at the party this year, keep an ear out — I’ll be DJing alongside usual suspects like Gillen, McKelvie, Ewing and others.)

Anyway, this year I’m in the hastily-renamed New Dock Hall at table #23 — situated between the lovely Emmas Vieceli and Rios, which is certainly no bad place to be.

As always, look for the big red banner with my name on it. I’ll sign anything (of mine…) you care to bring.

I’ll be at the table all weekend, except for the following, both on Saturday:

– At 10.40am (ugh) I’m on the Best Thing I’ve Read All Year panel, talking about… well, you can guess. Also features Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing, Fiona Staples, and Kate Brown.

– I’m also taking part in Matthew Sheret’s 1000 Words conference, a series of short talks about creativity, held in the Alea Cinema Room (see link for programme details — scroll down to “1000 Words”, no direct link). I’m on at 2.45pm, presenting Antony Johnston’s Massive Ego — a piece about the creator’s struggle with humility.

See you there!



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