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Hello. I'm Antony Johnston, and I write comics, graphic novels, and videogames.
I also make podcasts and music for fun.
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We’ve moved to a new hosting company, and hence a new server. If you know anything about web hosting, you know what that means: Things Can Go Wrong.

So, while everything should be tickety-boo, please let us know if you happen to come across anything out of order.


You may have noticed that, for the last seven days, this website wasn’t here. We’re hosted by the rather excellent Joyent; but we were on a legacy Textdrive server, and, well, last weekend it finally choked on its own motherboard and collapsed into a flaming heap.

This necessitated a complete migration onto a new server — a simple and invisible process when everything is alive and well, but not so much when the old server is coughing up linefeeds and dying in a pool of its own silicon.

Luckily, everything migrated over successfully, with all data intact, which I’m assured by people who know about these things is pretty damn rare. So we’re back, and hurrah.

As for news I couldn’t post while the site was down… well, actually, there wasn’t any from me. But there was some from Chris Mitten, who finished his first WASTELAND cover


It was inevitable, I suppose – some Thai linkspammer has registered my old domain, and filled it with an AdWords feedripper site. (I’m not linking to it because I don’t want to feed their hits.)

What’s particularly unusual is that they also appear to have nicked a (very) old site design of mine, perhaps from the Wayback Machine, and populated it with… entries from this journal dating from 2004 backwards. WTF?

Anyway, point being, please update your links to point only to And if you see another site that still has the old mostlyblack domain listed, please ask them to update it.

(It’s not like I didn’t contact every single person in my address book with this information almost a year ago, but whaddyagonnado?)


Since publishing Getting Things Written just two weeks ago, this website has served seventy-five thousand page requests. Absolute madness.

(Hint, hint.)


WASTELAND #11 goes on sale this week. The Diamond order code is JUN073778, and here’s the solicit text:

Michael and Abi have been charged with conspiring against the Lord Founder Marcus…and the penalty is death! They might have sympathizers within Marcus’ council of Artisians, but can even that save them from the coming storm? Plus: Find out how Abi and Jakob came to live in Providence!

You can read a six-page preview of the issue over at Comic Book Resources.

In other news, the Getting Things Written article has been linked all over the place and increased traffic to this site by around 1000%. My personal favourite was a link from 43 Folders, where Merlin Mann called it a “Thoughtful, complete, and coherent GTD-based workflow” and “An excellent read”. Ooh, it makes me feel all warm inside. Anyway, if this is the first time you’ve ever come to the site, please take a look around and check out my work.

Finally, an admin point; the old domain will expire in a couple of months’ time, and won’t be renewed. Instead, you should point all your links to Thank you.


Recently, some people who’ve heard me mention GTD (Getting Things Done) have begun asking how I make it work as a writer. After all, it’s not really designed for arty, creative types. GTD is for managers, salespeople, marketers and the like.

So I was going to write my system up as a blog post. But the more I wrote, the more I realised that why I’d changed and adapted GTD to my own ends was almost as important as how I did it. And before I knew it, I had an essay-length piece on my hands, which didn’t really belong here in the work journal.

So instead, I’ve given it a page to itself. If you want to see how I make GTD work, click here and settle in for a long one:


I’ve closed the old message board. Over the past couple of years 99% of correspondence to me has come through direct email or community sites like Livejournal and MySpace anyway, so I’ve finally caved and moved into, ooh, maybe 2006…

Consequently, I’ve also added a contact page to the site. It contains a general list of places where my work journal can be followed and how to get in touch. Thus:

The best and most reliable way of following Antony’s work is through this site, and the work journal. The address for the journal’s RSS feed is

If you’d prefer to follow the journal by some other means than the site RSS, there are a number of options:

  • Add it to Google Reader;
  • Read it through LiveJournal;
  • Have updates emailed to you via RMail;
  • Read the bulletins at Antony’s ComicSpace or MySpace page (every update to the journal is posted as a bulletin on both sites).
  • And of course, you can always just email me. I love getting fan mail – who doesn’t?! – but I can’t always guarantee a speedy response according to my schedule and workload, so please be patient.


    Apologies if you visited in the past twenty-four hours and things looked a bit weird; we were moving servers and waiting for DNS propagation, which threw a lot of relative links out of skew. Serves me right for coding with relative links, I guess…

    Got a lot of work done in the past few weeks. WASTELAND #8 and #9 are written, following the downward spiral of [CENSORED] in [CENSORED] and the complications brought on by [CENSORED]… Also wrote #2 of The New Image Book, a short sci-fi story called HAPPYWORLD for a prose anthology that will hopefully be out in 2007, and got halfway through the plot for BLACKGUARD, a fantasy novel I’ve been dying to write for a few years now.

    Nose to the grind, slave to the rhythm…


    My message board has moved, and is now part of The V Hive – a loose collection of fora united only in our contempt for Delphi. You’ll find the new board here – do please stop by and say hello. [UPDATE: No longer active.]


    The syndication of this new version of the journal is now sorted. If you’re reading this through Livejournal, you shouldn’t have to change a thing – the mostlyblack syndication page is in the same location as before. Just add it to your Friends list.

    If you prefer to suscribe directly to an RSS feed (through an aggregator, for example) you’ll find it at this URL.


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