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Light Of Thy Countenance

“More gripping than the original story. I’m immensely pleased.”
Alan Moore

“The pacing is so well-understood by Johnston that I really do think it becomes a much richer and more involving experience to absorb the piece in this format.”
Trash Film Guru

In 1995, Alan Moore wrote a disturbing and hypnotic piece concerning television for the anthology FORBIDDEN ACTS.

It was a freestyle beat poem, a polemic essay and historical treatise all in one, condemning both the bland, commercial and hypocritical disgrace that has usurped the medium's potential, and the sheep who accept such dross without criticism.

The LIGHT OF THY COUNTENANCE graphic novel brings this piece to life in comic form, beautifully painted in full colour by Felipe Massafera.


Artist: Felipe Massafera
Format: 48pp paperback/limited edition hardback
Publisher: Avatar Press
Order codes: Comic stores NOV083804

Light Of Thy Countenance © Alan Moore.