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Another Suburban Romance
Illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp

In 1976, Alan Moore co-wrote (with Jamie Delano) the surrealist play ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE. Moore's contributions were two soliloquies — JUDY SWITCHED OFF THE TV and OLD GANGSTERS NEVER DIE — along with the eponymous finale.

ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE is a graphic novel featuring all three of these pieces, adapted into comic form by myself and Juan Jose Ryp, in his trademark hyper-detailed style. The pieces appear in the same order as in the original play.

Reading almost like music videos, the book takes readers on a journey through a surreal nightmare dreamscape in JUDY SWITCHED OFF THE TV, to the old-school romantic rogue dramas of OLD GANGSTERS NEVER DIE, and draws to a close with a metafictive dystopian prophesy in ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE.

Another Suburban Romance © Alan Moore.