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Binary Domain

Golden Joystick Awards 2012

“Written by adults, with set-ups and face-offs that have an ease of reference and a ready wit... compared to the usual scenery-chewing nonsense, it's in a different league.”

“[The] narrative is more thoughtful than that of its peers... an intriguing culture clash of east and west that demonstrates the best of each region.”

“One of the most successful mixes of Western and Eastern design philosophies this generation has seen... Far more thought-provoking than normal for a shooter.”

“A very well written narrative with some genuinely gripping moments... The characters feel distinct and real.”
PlayStation Lifestyle

In the near future, devastating global catastrophes and advances in technology have combined to replace much of human labour with robots.

To placate the populace's fear of redundancy, creating robots that look human — known as “Hollow Children” — is strictly forbidden by the New Geneva Convention.

But not everyone sticks to the rules.

BINARY DOMAIN is a game from the creators of the enormously popular YAKUZA series. Antony developed and wrote the English script from a Japanese outline, and consulted extensively on character/world development and casting. His script was subsequently re-translated for the Japanese version.

Binary Domain © Sega.