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Dead Space: No Known Survivors

In the future, earth's natural resources are spent. Instead, vast mining operations known as planetcracks are conducted in faraway star systems, literally ripping open whole planets to plunder their resources.

One such operation is taking place on the barren planet of Aegis VII. But then a survey team from the preparatory mining colony discovers what appears to be an alien artefact - an artefact with potentially great religious significance to the minority church known as Unitology. Madness and hysteria grip the miners, setting in motion a chain of grisly events that will affect not just the colony, but the flagship planetcracker Ishimura too.

But it's not just the miners who have stories to tell. NO KNOWN SURVIVORS features two storylines in interactive episodic form, animated exclusively for the web. “Misplaced Affection” is a tale of doomed love between medical technician George and Jane, his security officer patient. “13” tells of the tragic events that follow when a government sleeper agent is activated.

No Known Survivors was an interactive website created to promote the DEAD SPACE series of games and media. On NKS, Antony scripted the interactive stories and animation.

Dead Space © EA Games.