The Exphoria Code (Brigitte Sharp #1)


“A crackling fuse-wire of a book... Possibly the definitive espionage thriller of the early 21st century”
Alan Moore


MI6 cyber-analyst Brigitte Sharp has spent three years deskbound and in therapy, traumatised after her very first field op went badly wrong and caused the death of a fellow officer. But the murder of her best friend forces Bridge to go undercover inside a top secret military project, to root out a mole — where she uncovers a terrorist plot that threatens everything she has left to live for.

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The Tempus Project (Brigitte Sharp #2)

“Forget about Lisbeth Salander, here comes Brigitte Sharp. Unputdownable!”
Johana Gustawsson


And this time she's battling a series of hacks and ransomware attacks masterminded by a hacker known only as 'Tempus', who targets politicians and government officials with impunity. Realising this campaign is linked to a cyber-attack on the London G20 summit, Bridge is drawn into the dark-web world of cryptocurrencies, Russian hackers and an African rebel militia. She must race against time, to prevent a disaster that could alter the balance of global power forever.

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The Patrios Network (Brigitte Sharp #3)

“Contemporary, lightning-paced and in the very top tier of spy fiction. Highly recommended”
MW Craven


Elite MI6 hacker Brigitte Sharp is tracking the stolen plans for a new generation of EMP weapon — a ‘bomb’ that kills computers instead of people – while online neofascism spills over into the real world, urged on by a series of 'deepfake' videos of the US president calling for race war in Europe. Bridge must make uneasy alliances to track down the missing plans, infiltrate the hidden world of online hate groups, and trace the Patrios network to its heart... before a night of blood sweeps across Europe.

Frightening Curves


“A smart and viciously funny debut... Deftly plays on our fear of the unknown.”

Phil London is an ex-cop — and a psychic. He used to work for Section Five, a clandestine British paranormal police force, until his wife's suicide drove him to leave. But now Phil has stumbled upon an ancient power lurking in the London Tube system; a power that once ruled the city, and is hungry to regain power even if it destroys society. Realising his past as a 'Fiver' is the key to his survival, Phil fights for his life and sanity... down in London's subterranean frightening curves.

Stealing Life

“Johnston delivers sharp, witty and brilliantly observed prose.”
Strange Alliances


Gentleman burglar Nicco Salarum is in trouble. He ditched an expensive shipment of stolen goods rather than kill a security guard, but that shipment 'belonged' to a local mob boss, and now Nicco owes him. So when a mysterious wizard offers him a large sum to steal a dignitary's necklace, Nicco thinks his prayers have been answered. But the job is not what it seems — soon the wizard has disappeared, the dignitary is dying, and Nicco is on the run...

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Short Stories

A Decent Country

On her twenty-fifth birthday, Stella finally becomes a decent person and awaits her first Votification, to take part in an election and build a decent country.

Published at Wattpad (2020)

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Food By Hand

A post-viral story with a twist, of illegal underground restaurant dining, government health agencies, and too much tequila.

Published online by the Crime Readers’ Association as part of National Crime Reading Month 2020

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Shelter in Place: A Joe Shelter Novel Coronavirus Novel

A parody of hard-man thrillers, inspired by, written, and released during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, imagining a 'ripped from the headlines' book hastily written by an over-the-top and not-entirely-competent author. Originally released on social media as photo snippets of the imaginary manuscript to amuse friends and fans, then compiled into a free PDF for all (with additional notes by the 'publisher').

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Watching The Football

Inspired by real-life political brinkmanship, WATCHING THE FOOTBALL is an ultra-short science fiction satire that asks the eternal question, “What price peace?” from a new and unconventional perspective.

Published at Wattpad (2018)

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Soul Music

Shoska is an avant-garde musician and performance artist, trying to deal with a grieving ex-boyfriend who won't quit, an upcoming gig that she still hasn't finished putting together — and the trauma of her home, a distant mining colony, suddenly being cut off from the rest of the universe by The Closure. But then her ex gives her an ancient, forgotten instrument called a 'guitar'...

First published in INTERZONE #274 (TTA Press, 2018)
Now also available on Kindle: Amazon US / Amazon UK

Acid Burns

A StarCraft II story tying in to Heart of the Swarm

When a sleepy Dominion listening post's tranquility is disturbed by a zerg surprise attack, the base's marine forces find themselves fighting against a terrifying enemy — bringing with it a deadly sense of déjà vu for the commanding officer and her husband.

(Blizzard Entertainment/Simon & Schuster, 2014)

Last Drink Bird Head

“Who is Last Drink Bird Head? He, she, or it.
Under 500 words. Don't ask — just write.”

Those were the sparse instructions handed out by Jeff and Ann Vandermeer to an eclectic group of writers for the charity benefit anthology LAST DRINK BIRD HEAD. Antony's story plays with language and symbolism to spin a tragic fantasy of animal ritual.

Published in LAST DRINK BIRD HEAD (Wyrm Publishing, 2009)