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Frightening Curves
Horror/Supernatural Thriller • Illustrated by Aman Chaudhary

   — Book Expo America Independent Publishing Awards

"A Raymond Chandler for the X-FILES generation"
SFX Magazine

"A smart and viciously funny debut... Deftly plays on our fear of the unknown."
Dreamwatch Magazine

"This is where the future is being struck. Look."
Warren Ellis

Phil London is an ex-British government agent... and psychic. Three years ago his wife's suicide drove Phil to leave Section Five, the paranormal police force he served. But now Phil stumbles upon an ancient power, down in the London Tube system — a power that once ruled the capital, long ago, and is hungry to retake that power, even if it destroys society in the process.

Realizing his past as a 'Fiver' is the key to solving the puzzle, Phil begins the fight for his life and sanity, down in the frightening curves of London's underground.

Frightening Curves © Antony Johnston and Aman Chaudhary.