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Graphic Novels & Comics

Atomic Blonde / The Coldest City

The Coldest City

The book that became ATOMIC BLONDE, starring Charlize Theron as MI6 officer Lorraine Broughton on a mission to retrieve missing intel in Cold War Berlin — just as the Berlin Wall is about to come crashing down.

“Johnston masterfully draws the story to a height, tension and speed rising as the reader comes to see the whole of things... brilliantly and subtly done.”
The AV Club

The Coldest Winter

A prequel to THE COLDEST CITY, set during the deadly winter of 1981. THE COLDEST WINTER shines a light on David Perceval's early career in Berlin, as he fights to survive the lies and betrayal of the Cold War.

“Gripping, filled with daring escapes and constant double crosses, and the masterful and unexpected conclusion will keep readers guessing up to the very end... Ideal for fans of spy fiction.”


This post-apocalyptic epic is a saga spanning 60 issues, one of only a handful of such longform stories in comics.

WASTELAND is the story of Michael and Abi, two wanderers with strange powers, as they search a ruined America for the truth of The Big Wet — the event that destroyed the world a century before.

“The finest piece of post-apocalyptic fiction on the shelves. Wasteland is exceptional.”
Kieron Gillen

The Fuse

Gripping, twist-filled murder mysteries — in space! THE FUSE follows old hand Klem Ristovych and young hotshot Ralph Dietrich, two overworked and underpaid Homicide detectives, working their shift on a futuristic space station... to solve the old-fashioned business of murder.

“Turns traditional expectations of the genre on their head... if you want more from your science fiction than space opera, The Fuse just might be what you've been looking for.”
The Hollywood Reporter

Alex Rider

Adapting the bestselling YA novels by Anthony Horowitz, the ALEX RIDER graphic novels join MI6's only teenage spy as he reluctantly saves the world... even though he'd rather be playing football.

The first five novels have been adapted, with a sixth in production.

“Alex remains an appealing hero... Even adventure lovers unfamiliar with the books will find it difficult to resist the hyperkinetic fun.”

Marvel Superheroes


Largely co-written with Andy Diggle, this run of DAREDEVIL saw the blind crimefighter descend into the darkest period of his career, as he became Shogun of the notorious Hand criminal empire.

In addition to the main storyline, Antony also wrote several one-shots and spin-offs featuring DD, including the New York Times bestseller DAREDEVIL SEASON ONE, retelling the hero's earliest adventures in a modern style.

Other Marvel Heroes

Dead Space

The original transmedia comic series for the game that redefined a genre, DEAD SPACE is a prequel story set on the Aegis VII 'planetcracking' colony and taking place immediately before the events of the videogame (which Antony also wrote).

The graphic novel was so well received that further transmedia was produced for every subsequent DEAD SPACE release. Antony wrote two of these additional tie-ins, SALVAGE and EXTRACTION.

“Probably the best videogame tie-in comic that has ever graced the shelves.”
Comic Pants

Codename Baboushka

What if the sexy Russian femme fatale... was actually the hero?

CODENAME BABOUSHKA is a light-hearted action-packed modern spy series that turns genre conventions on their side, as a former Russian mafiya boss is blackmailed into carrying out black ops for a secretive US government agency — with explosive results.

“An ass-kicking spy heroine who will appeal to fans of Marvel's Black Widow.”
The AV Club

Other Graphic Novels & Comics

Alan Moore Adaptations

Fashion Beast

A retelling of Beauty And The Beast in a world gone mad, FASHION BEAST was the brainchild of Sex Pistols guru Malcolm McLaren and comics legend Alan Moore.

Originally written in 1985 as a screenplay, but deemed “unfilmable” by Hollywood, this New York Times bestselling graphic novel is a faithful adaptation made with McLaren's blessing and overseen by Moore himself.

“An amazing graphic novel... One of those wonderful collaborative projects where you can see each of the collaborators' talents shining through, but which nevertheless feels like a single, seamless whole.”
Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

Other Alan Moore Adaptations

Short Comics

People First
Illustrated by Robin Hoelzemann & Pippa Mather

Published in
Image Comics, 2018

Rat Trap (A Wasteland Story)
Illustrated by Charlie Adlard

Published in
Image Comics, 2011
Oni Press, 2016

Supergiant Blues
Illustrated by Luis Sopelana

Published in
24SEVEN, Vol. 2
Image Comics, 2007

Best Side Out
Illustrated by Noel Tuazon

Published in
Villard Books, 2007

Illustrated by Mike Hawthorne

Published in
Image Comics, 2005
(Click for Comixology edition)

Sweeps Week
Illustrated by Mike Norton

Published in
Image Comics, 2004

Sunday Mourning
Illustrated by Mike Norton

Published in
DC/Dark Horse/Chaos! Comics, 2002