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Thrash It Out

I love metal. Brian LeTendre also loves metal. But, inexplicably, we love different kinds of metal.

THRASH IT OUT is an irreverent show where Brian and I listen to a heavy metal album, then argue about it. Even if you're not into metal, it's a lot of fun.

(But if you are, it's even better.)

In the spirit of underground music, THRASH IT OUT is completely independent. We're not on a podcast network, we don't have sponsors, and we don't take ads.

Instead, we're 100% supported by listeners, through Patreon.

THRASH IT OUT is published in “Volumes” of 10-12 episodes each, and the more patrons we get, the more shows we can make. Patrons also get to ask us questions, which we answer on a bonus video hangout show that we release every so often.

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