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Unjustly Maligned

"A neat idea for a podcast... it's the essential unfairness of the premise that makes these conversations spark."
The Guardian

Do you love Billy Joel's misguided meisterwerk RIVER OF DREAMS? Do you despair that nobody else finds HUDSON HAWK hilarious? Are you the only person you know who raves about reading BATTLETECH novels?

Then UNJUSTLY MALIGNED, “The show for people who go against the grain,” is for you. It's all about the sometimes strange things we love, that others... don't. In each episode Antony chats with a guest as they explain why that thing you think is terrible (or simply don't know at all) is actually great.

We seek to rehabilitate the overlooked, ignored, derided, and the just plain hated. Novels, movies, music, comic books, videogames, whatever! If everyone hates it, or even just doesn't know it exists, we'll find someone who loves it — and let them explain why you should, too.

Guests have included Wil Wheaton, Leigh Alexander, Merlin Mann, Brianna Wu, Jason Snell, Maya Rodale, Paul Cornell, Meredith Yayanos, Casey Liss, and many, many more.

"Gosh, I love that show."
Merlin Mann (Back to Work, Roderick on the Line)

"If you listen to only one hotly anticipated podcast today... make it HOUSE TO ASTONISH. If you listen to two... listen to UNJUSTLY MALIGNED."
Al Kennedy (House to Astonish)

"The best idea for a podcast I've ever seen."
John A Cecil (Zombie Beach, Hell's Gate, Debuffed)

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