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Wasteland Original Soundtrack

Wasteland is as much inspired by music as literature.

Antony's love of all things gothic and doom runs through the entire series, from visual inspiration to lyrics hidden within the text. It seemed natural, when creating the series, to also compose and record an accompanying theme song.

That was Theme From Wasteland, which Antony composed and recorded under the nom de guerre Ruin Runner, and made freely available at Wasteland's launch. Readers liked it... a lot.

In fact, the reception was so good Antony decided to make more. Oni editor-in-chief James Lucas Jones hit on the idea of releasing a new song to accompany each story arc, and the Wasteland Original Soundtrack was born.

Recorded during the series' run between 2006-2015, and boasting an atmospheric combination of doom metal, aggressive guitars, and desolate gothic electronica, the WASTELAND Original Soundtrack became the perfect audio companion to the book. It was completed simultaneously with the series, when issue #60 was released, and is now available as a full album.

Click here to buy the Wasteland Original Soundtrack from Bandcamp.

The album purchase includes two bonus tracks, a PDF booklet, unlimited streaming, and high-quality lossless audio formats.


1. Theme from 'Wasteland'
2. Artisian Heart
3. Sanctuary Four
4. Inelisia
5. Waking the Dust
6. Empty Horizon
7. March of the Sand-Eaters
8. Time is Short
9. Suddenly Awake
10. I Recall
11. Theme from 'Wasteland' (Reprise)

Wasteland & all music © Ⓟ Ruin Runner/Antony Johnston.