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Waves of Mercury

Waves of Mercury is an indie doom metal band from Minnesota. When vocalist and drummer David Richardson heard the WASTELAND original theme song, he sent copies of his own music, in a similar doom vein, to me — and I liked it so much I even plugged it in an early WASTELAND letters page.

I've been a metalhead since I first heard Black Sabbath as a small child (as regular listeners of my metal podcast THRASH IT OUT well know). I spent many of my own formative years in various heavy metal bands, primarily as a vocalist and songwriter. It was almost inevitable that David and I would become friends and, eventually, collaborators.

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“And I resent them, these hollow blooms.”

A concept piece of four tracks, moving through a reckoning of the seasons; a reminiscence and melancholia on nature, life, love, and death.


1. Spring's Hollow Bloom
2. The Dying of Our Summer's Day
3. Falling in Autumn
4. Winter, Your Fortress

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David Richardson: Vocals, Drums
Greg Richardson: Guitars, Bass
Antony Johnston: Lyrics

Music by Waves of Mercury
Vocal arrangements by David Richardson & Antony Johnston

Cover photograph: Holly Norval on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Cover & booklet design: Antony Johnston

All music © Waves of Mercury/Last of Nine Recordings.