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Where To Buy

Wherever possible, I encourage you to support your local independent retailer when buying my work. If your retailer doesn't have the title you want in stock, give them the relevant order code and ask them to obtain a copy for you. Order codes can be found on each title's respective page.

(Ordering a title this way means you may have to wait a week for it to arrive, but you're helping keep your local store in business. It also increases the likelihood that the store will order more copies for their perennial shelf stock. Which may make no material difference to you, but it makes my accountant very happy.)

Comic stores

All of my comics and graphic novels are available through comic stores (some may also stock my prose novels). To find the store nearest to you, you can:

  • Dial 1-888-COMICBOOK (1-888-266-4226), or use the Comic Shop Locator online equivalent.
  • Visit The Master List
  • When ordering from a comic shop, you can give them the Diamond order code (e.g. STAR123456 or JUL123456) or the ISBN (e.g. 1-2345678-9-0).

    Book stores

    Book stores stock prose novels and graphic novels, but not single issues of comics.

    When ordering from a book store, you must give them the ISBN (e.g. 1-2345678-9-0) as they do not use Diamond order codes.


    Many of my comics are available digitally, to read on your computer or mobile device. See Comixology, Marvel Digital, and Image Comics.


    As stated above, I always encourage you to support your local store; however, if this is not possible then you can also order my work online.

  • TFAW, Midtown Comics, and My Comic Shop are all US-based online comic stores with good reputations.
  • In the UK, Page 45 in Nottingham and Travelling Man in Leeds also run good mail order services.
  • Or you can buy my work from Amazon, e.g.

  • Amazon USA
  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Germany
  • Videogames

    Videogames can of course be bought from major chains and online stores throughout the world. It would be superfluous to attempt to list them all here.