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World of Warriors
Arcade Combat/Collectible

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The greatest warriors in history have been summoned to a mysterious land beyond our own: the World of Warriors. A brutal kingdom where the only way to survive is to fight! Ninja vs Aztec, Knight vs Viking, Roman vs Samurai, Trojan vs Apache... let battle commence!

A shadow has fallen across the land — the shadow of King Boneshaker, the evil undead lord who plots to enslave the world from his lair beneath the Shadowshard Peak! Fight your way through each region of the world, recruiting and training history's greatest Warriors, to stop Boneshaker and his Skull Army before they take over!

WORLD OF WARRIORS is an arcade strategy combat game from Mind Candy, creators of the global phenomenon MOSHI MONSTERS. I worked with the team on early conceptual development, and also helped create and develop the game world, regions, landmarks, and Warrior characters.

World of Warriors © Mind Candy.