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Yuggoth Cultures And Other Growths
Horror/Misc • Illustrated by Various Artists

YUGGOTH CULTURES was a three-issue series featuring many previously unpublished, out-of-print or hard to find works by Alan Moore — including the long-lost NIGHTJAR, drawn by Bryan Talbot.

Each issue featured one or more adaptations of Moore's prose and performance work, scripted by me and drawn by stellar artists such as Jacen Burrows and Juan Jose Ryp.

YUGGOTH CULTURES is now available in a collected edition, featuring the entire contents of the original series plus many more pages of bonus material, including an essay by Moore, new artwork and interviews. The book also contains the complete YUGGOTH CREATURES, an original Lovecraft Mythos series by myself and a host of artists (see the YUGGOTH CREATURES page for details).

The title is taken from what was to be an HP Lovecraft tribute book by Moore, with each piece based upon the stanza titles from Lovecraft's poem THE FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH. Sadly, the manuscript was lost near completion, and only a few works — including THE COURTYARD — survived.

Yuggoth Cultures And Other Growths © Alan Moore.