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After Days of Passion
Illustrated by Ben Templesmith

Selected for inclusion in the British Library's ‘Comics Unmasked’ exhibition

A man sits alone, surrounded by pieces of his life as he relates his story. Fragments of the present and memories of the past give hints and clues to a grim turn of events.

AFTER DAYS OF PASSION is a webcomics experiment. It is a collage piece, with no arbitrary narrative structure, inviting the reader to piece together parts of the puzzle themselves, through fragments and shreds of the whole, presented as a montage of illustration and text.

There is no beginning, no end. The reader controls the experience. This work can only exist on the Web.

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After Days of Passion was created in 1999, and was an early innovation in the use of HTML and the web to create a non-linear narrative.

After Days of Passion © Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith.