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Codename Baboushka
Illustrated by Shari Chankhamma

“An ass-kicking spy heroine who will appeal to fans of Marvel's Black Widow.”
The AV Club

Contessa Annika Malikova is the last of a noble Russian line. Three years ago, the Contessa fled to New York with family friend Gyorgy Gyorgyov, claiming political asylum. Rarely seen in public, she quickly became a glamorous and enigmatic figure of Manhattan high society.

But Annika has a dark secret. In fact, she's the legendary crime lord codenamed “Baboushka”! After her organisation was betrayed and destroyed by a cabal of rival mafiya, she escaped to America and laid low...

...Until Mr Clay, head of the shadowy Extrajudicial Operations Network, discovers her true identity. Threatened with deportation back to Moscow — and the certain death that awaits her there — Baboushka is forced to work for EON, taking on dirty jobs so classified even the CIA can't sanction them.

You might think she's a hero. That would be a mistake.

“A bombastic take on espionage... There are literally six different amazing comics all within this one series.”
Comics Alliance

CODENAME BABOUSHKA is an action-packed modern pulp spy thriller in the style of classic British high-stakes espionage adventure like MODESTY BLAISE, THE NEW AVENGERS, and JAMES BOND. It's published by Image Comics.

Mission 1:
The Conclave of Death

Mysterious young heiress Contessa Annika Malikova has been part of Manhattan high society for several years... but if they knew the truth, her dinner companions would faint! The white-haired Contessa is in fact the notorious criminal “BABOUSHKA” — a former Moscow gang leader, now living in exile!

But Baboushka's retirement is about to be shattered, as the US government has somehow discovered her true identity, and blackmails her into working for them! Now she must infiltrate a secret conclave of global crime lords, on a cruise liner, to retrieve information for the Americans. But nobody reckoned on the boat being hijacked by pirates...

“Johnston's exiled Russian heiress, former organized crime lord and deadly agent bursts out of the page and grabs the reader with both hands in a deadly grip of hot action and cold-hearted kills.”
Jersey Journal

Mission 2:
Ghost Station Zero


“Ghost Stations” are abandoned Soviet bases from the Cold War, long forgotten and useless... or so people think! When an EON agent goes missing on the trail of a ghost station in the Swiss mountains, Mr Clay turns to crime-boss-turned-blackmailed-international-superspy BABOUSHKA to investigate — and what she finds is EXPLOSIVE!

“The Contessa is all high fashion and murderous accessories... Codename Baboushka is sexy and fun to read.”
Fangirl Nation

Codename Baboushka, Ghost Station Zero, and associated characters © Antony Johnston & Shari Chankhamma