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Atomic Blonde
Originally published as The Coldest City

The graphic novel that became a $100 million-box-office movie starring Charlize Theron

The Coldest City

“If Le Carré or Deighton were to produce a graphic novel, this would be it”
Spy Fiction Fan

#1 Bestseller, Graphic Novels

Nominee, Best Adaptation from A Graphic Novel
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November 1989. Communism is collapsing, and soon the Berlin Wall will be torn down by both the East and West.

But there is one last situation for MI6, Britain's intelligence services, to resolve. Two weeks ago, an undercover MI6 officer was killed in Berlin. He was carrying information from a source in the East — a list that allegedly contains the name of every espionage agent working in Berlin, on all sides.

No list was found on his body.

MI6 sent in Lorraine Broughton, an experienced spy with no existing ties to Berlin, to root out the list. But she walked into a powderkeg of social unrest, counter-espionage, defections gone bad and secret assassinations. Then, on the night the Wall came down, her superior — MI6's chief officer in Berlin — was shot and killed in the street.

Now Lorraine has returned, to tell her story. And nothing is quite what it seems.

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Praise for The Coldest City:

“A world of heavy shadow and blurred motivation, filled with doubt, cruelty, and prejudice... Johnston and Hart have turned out a superlative spy thriller”
Greg Rucka

“Johnston masterfully draws the story to a height, tension and speed rising as the reader comes to see the whole of things... brilliantly and subtly done”
The AV Club

“Beautifully subtle with a fantastic climax... Johnston has a great handle on this genre”
Crimespree Magazine

“Terrific stuff: a taut, smart journey back to the dying days of the Cold War, with all the ingenious double-crosses and twists one could hope for”
Jeremy Duns

“Can take its place alongside Funeral in Berlin, Absolute Friends and Zoo Station in the file marked 'classic Berlin espionage fiction.' A cracking thriller”
The Deighton Dossier

“Johnston is great at unwinding a plot slowly, using distinct and interesting characters to progress the plot... cerebral and winding... well worth reading”
Paste Magazine

“The shadowy black-and-white imagery of the graphic novel helps deepen the mood, evoking an especially dark episode of The Americans or one of John le Carré’s brainy spy thrillers”
Huffington Post

“An engaging read for anyone who is into grounded spy thrillers. Even non-comic readers will get a kick out of this dastardly tale... A strong mystery”

The Coldest Winter
The prequel to The Coldest City

“Gripping, filled with daring escapes and constant double crosses, and the masterful and unexpected conclusion will keep readers guessing up to the very end”

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After a string of botched assignments for MI6 in Berlin, David Perceval is being sent home. Even his final mission before leaving — the defection of a Soviet scientist — goes badly wrong, as the coldest winter for 30 years descends on Europe.

With transport out of Berlin impossible, and the KGB searching everywhere for their lost scientist, Perceval must improvise a deadly game of cat and mouse through the frozen city to keep the Russians at bay... and deliver his own unique brand of revenge.

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Praise for The Coldest Winter:

“Rejoice. We're back to Berlin and the taut spy game is colder, harder and better than ever”
Kieron Gillen

“Like a car chase across divided Berlin, through shadowy corners, over snow-covered streets, a satisfying surprise around every bend. This is the graphic novel thriller you've been looking for”
Kelly Sue DeConnick

“A cold, hard tale of cold, hard men, engineered with the lethal precision of a ticking time bomb”
Andy Diggle

“Smart, tense political drama with a touch of humanity when you least expect it”

“So wickedly, so deviously clever... this is Johnston's most brilliant book to date [and] knife-edge danger is what Perkins delivers”
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