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The Courtyard
Illustrated by Jacen Burrows

A New York Times bestseller!

“One of the best adaptations in comic form I've ever read.”
Independent Propaganda

FBI Agent Aldo Sax has a problem. His boss has sent him deep undercover to investigate a series of bizarre and horrific murders, related only by the brutal fashion in which the victims were mutilated. Three unrelated people have already confessed to some of the killings. Only some.

But Sax is an Anomaly Theorist; finding links between unrelated factors is what he does. If he can find a link between the three confessed killers, it may lead him to a fourth. But down in the urban twilight of Red Hook, Sax is about to find that the path he needs to follow leads straight to... The Courtyard.

“Thrilling and intriguing... An entrancing comic.”

Adapted from an original short story by Alan Moore.

Also available:
The Courtyard Companion

A complementary volume to THE COURTYARD, the COMPANION contains something for every avid fan of Moore and Lovecraft:

• The original short story by Alan Moore
• Antony's full adaptation scripts
• Exhaustive annotations on the script by Lovecraft scholar NG Christakos
• Design sketches and pinup art by Jacen Burrows
• A new essay by Antony on Moore and Lovecraft
• The ‘deleted scene’ from the adaptation's original ending, which was changed just days before its original publication

The Courtyard © Alan Moore.