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In the hot desert streets of Las Pulvas, ordinary CSR just isn't enough.

Instead they race classic cars from around the world, pitting everything from clapped-out vintage junkers to pristine '50s muscle cars against each other, speeding down the asphalt. Every driver in the city is out to prove they're the best.

But to get there, they must beat the Crews in their way. Marco's Authentics in Downtown; Olivia's Thrillers in the Industrial district; Lord Aziz and his High Rollers on First Avenue; Kandy's Lucky 7s in Los Atlasa; and the ultimate racing team, The House, led by legendary casino owner Mr Baledin under the bright lights of Uptown.

And as if all that wasn't enough, there's more to the Classics league than meets the eye. An undercover investigation, happening right under everyone's noses...

Restore your car to its former glory, and get racing. How fast can you uncover the secret of CSR Classics?

CSR CLASSICS is a high-speed drag racing game from Boss Alien, creators of the smash hit CSR RACING. Antony was the Narrative Designer and scriptwriter, working with the team to create and develop the world and characters of CSR CLASSICS. He also created and wrote characters and dialogue for new content releases.

CSR Classics © NaturalMotion.