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Left Hand Path

Illustrated by Roberto de la Torre & Marco Checchetto

“I am your Shogun. It is your duty to obey me!”

Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, now leads the clan of ninja assassins known as The Hand, but not everyone is impressed with his selection. So the Man Without Fear must visit the Land of the Rising Sun, to bring the 'five fingers of the Hand' together and unite them behind his leadership.

It won't be easy, but Matt is determined to put his plans for The Hand into action... and help can be found in the most unexpected quarters.

Cage Match

Illustrated by Sean Chen

“It's about respect.”

Matt Murdock. Luke Cage. Friends, allies, comrades... opponents? When neither man is willing to back down over a trifling argument, it sets up a showdown match for the ages, born of respect and professional rivalry.

But even for two denizens of the night, finding some alone time isn't easy!


Illustrated by Roberto de la Torre & Marco Checchetto

“We always have choices, Foggy... and Matt just threw all of his away.”

Daredevil returns to New York, and the completed Shadowland fortress, where The Hand stands ready to bring justice to Hell's Kitchen. But while Daredevil was away, things in the city have changed — and now his intentions are suspected by the city's heroes and villains alike.

Meanwhile, Matt Murdock's friends have their own dilemmas to solve. They know Matt's actions are uncharacteristic, and suspect sinister machinations. But who will listen to them... and what can they do about it?

Shadowland: After The Fall

Illustrated by Roberto de la Torre & Marco Checchetto

“I don't want to write this story. But if I don't, someone else will... someone who never knew Matt Murdock the way I did.”

Daredevil is defeated. Matt Murdock is nowhere to be found, and feared dead.

But two men — reporter Ben Urich, one of his oldest friends; and Detective Alex Kurtz, a former ally in the war on crime — are determined to find Murdock and get some answers, no matter how many heroes they have to shake down.

Just what happened inside Shadowland? How will Hell's Kitchen cope now that Daredevil is gone? And what kind of legacy is left, in the wake of his passing?

Daredevil © Marvel.