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Shang-Chi: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu
Illustrated by Sebastián Fiumara

“As close as you can get to watching a badass martial arts flick.”

Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, is troubled. As Manhattan island is infested by a mysterious virus that gives ordinary people spider-powers — including the martial arts master himself — he is beset by nightmares of being a deadly spider, attacking and cocooning innocent people in unprovoked attacks.

When Shang-Chi learns that his friend and fellow kung fu hero Iron Fist has the same dreams, he knows the time has come to act. But this is a battle that will test Shang-Chi's willpower, strength, and heroism to the limit...

“I'd recommend [it] to any fan of Iron Fist or the Immortal Weapons without batting an eye.”
Aint It Cool News

“One of the most enjoyable Shang-Chi depictions ever... The fights are worth the price of admission alone.”
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“Gets [Shang-Chi] exactly right... This is the kind of story I love to see out of Marvel.”
Major Spoilers

THE DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU is part of Marvel's 2011 summer event, SPIDER-ISLAND. The series can be read on its own, or as part of the larger event. It's collected in the SPIDER-MAN: SPIDER-ISLAND COMPANION.

Shang-Chi, The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu & all characters © Marvel.