Dead Space

“A nail-biting experience, driven forward by the film-worthy script and inspired setting.”
Xbox World 360

IGN Best of 2008

Gamespot Best of 2008

In the future, earth's natural resources are spent. Instead, vast mining operations known as planetcracks are conducted in faraway star systems, literally ripping open whole planets to plunder their resources.

One such operation is taking place on the barren planet of Aegis VII. But the Ishimura, the flagship vessel in command of the planetcrack, has suddenly lost its communications capability. Engineer Isaac Clarke has been sent with a small team to find and repair the problem.

When they arrive, Isaac and his team quickly realise that this is more than just a comms array gone down. Something has invaded the ship. As Isaac, you are cut off from escape and isolated from your team members. Can you survive long enough to discover the awful truth about what really happened on the Ishimura?

“The harrowing combat and disturbing story are the real stars, weaving an eerie ambience.”
Game Informer

“Though [audio and video] logs are nothing new to this type of game, these are exceptionally well done.”

DEAD SPACE is the award-winning original videogame in the DEAD SPACE series of games and media. On this game, Antony was the scriptwriter.

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