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Dead Space
(Graphic Novel)
Illustrated by Ben Templesmith

“A downright creepy and unnerving tale... Probably the best videogame tie-in comic that has ever graced the shelves.”
Comic Pants

In the future, earth's natural resources are spent. Instead, vast mining operations known as planetcracks are conducted in faraway star systems, literally ripping open whole planets to plunder their resources.

One such operation is taking place on the barren planet of Aegis VII. But then a survey team from the preparatory mining colony discovers what appears to be an alien artefact - an artefact with potentially great religious significance to the minority church known as Unitology.

As madness and hysteria grip the colony, security officer Bram Neumann must unravel the tangle of secrets that connects the artefact, the church and the mining company's own agenda... before a wave of horror is unleashed on the colony.

“Delivers a fast-paced and well balanced experience... Great job on Johnston's part”

“I was really taken by surprise by how much depth it had. An excellent book.” 4.5/5
Secret Identity

DEAD SPACE is a graphic novel in the DEAD SPACE series of games and media.

Dead Space © EA Games.