Dead Space: Extraction

“The cast and writer deserve a round of applause... The dialogue and voice performances go a long way towards making us care about [the] survivors.”
The Telegraph

IGN Best of 2009

Gamespot Best of 2009

In the future, earth's natural resources are spent. Instead, vast mining operations known as planetcracks are conducted in faraway star systems, literally ripping open whole planets to plunder their resources.

One such operation is taking place on the barren planet of Aegis VII. But then a survey team from the preparatory mining colony discovers what appears to be an alien artefact...

DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION tells the story of what happened before Isaac Clarke arrived on the Ishimura. Following a group of brand new characters as they escape the colony and attempt to survive on board the planetcracking ship, the game provides a bridge between the story of the comics and original game.

“The storytelling is really strong... a well-told story full of believable characters.”

“Better designed, written, acted and directed than 99 percent of any genre's games.”
Edge magazine

“Dead Space Extraction's biggest draw [is] its story. Once again, Visceral has delivered a tale that players can connect with.”

DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION is a videogame in the DEAD SPACE series of games and media. On this game, Antony was the scriptwriter.

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