Dead Space Ignition

“I think we found your outbreak... big thing, sharp teeth, shrugs off bullets?”

Three years after the events of DEAD SPACE, Isaac Clarke finds himself on The Sprawl, a giant space station — where the nightmare is happening all over again...

But before then, other events are taking place on the colony that will lead to a necromorph infection, and the thousands of people on the station must try to survive.

Franco Delille, a systems and network engineer, and Sarah Andarsyn, a security officer, are cops working on the Sprawl. Partners and friends, they leave HQ to deal with an increasing number of failed systems, only to find themselves courting disaster.

As the infection spreads, and they fight to repair the failing station while trying to survive, Franco and Sarah will find their relationship tested... and their secrets exposed.

DEAD SPACE IGNITION is a downloadable hybrid comic/videogame in the DEAD SPACE series of games and media. On IGNITION, Antony developed the narrative, contributed to character design, and was the scriptwriter of the comic/game hybrid.

Dead Space © EA Games.