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Fashion Beast
Illustrated by Facundo Percio

“Despite the fact that it was originally intended as a film, its most perfect expression is as a comic book.”
  — Alan Moore

“An amazing graphic novel... One of those wonderful collaborative projects where you can see each of the collaborators' talents shining through, but which nevertheless feels like a single, seamless whole.”
Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

Doll Seguin, gender-bending coat check at the Catwalk Club, dreams of being a star. A celebrity. Of being somebody.

But in the strange, desolate city where Celestine's fashion house rules supreme, Doll knows it's never going to happen... until it does.

Plucked from obscurity by the hideous and reclusive fashion genius Celestine, Doll is thrust into the limelight, only to discover the truth behind the glamour isn't so enticing as imagined — and that Doll's beastly svengali has bigger, and stranger, ambitions for Doll than could possibly be suspected...

A retelling of “Beauty And The Beast” in a world gone mad, FASHION BEAST was the brainchild of Malcolm McLaren and Alan Moore. Originally written in 1985 as a screenplay and deemed “unfilmable” by Hollywood, this comic version is a faithful adaptation made with McLaren's blessing and overseen by Moore himself.

“Given a very powerful life of its own in this medium thanks in large part to the contributions of Johnston and Percio... the modern comics landscape is better for its inclusion.”
Entropic Worlds

“Fashion Beast has that meticulous feel and that is appropriate... this is a comic where it is impossible not to respect the craft.”
Weekly Comic Book Review

“Inventive, tightly-written and enjoyable.”
Comic Book Resources

“Truly unlike any other comic being published today.”
Ich Liebe Comics

Adapted from a screenplay by Alan Moore. Story by Malcolm McLaren, Alan Moore and Robert Boykin.

Fashion Beast © Alan Moore & Malcolm McLaren.