Antony Johnston
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Atomic Blonde

“At its core, this is a Bond movie, except it is so much better”
Screen Rant

The hit Cold War action movie starring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy, grossing $100M at the box office. Atomic Blonde is based on Antony's graphic novel, originally titled The Coldest City and illustrated by Sam Hart.

Antony was a co-producer, and can be seen on behind-the-scenes extras for the movie's home video release. Read more about the original book in the Graphic Novels section.

Crossover Point

Antony's directorial debut is a short sci-fi film starring Moisés Chiullan and Casey McKinnon.

A journalist video-calls a scientist to interview him about his discovery of a parallel universe... and things go badly.

Crossover Point was written, shot, edited, and completed entirely during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and is set during the same lockdown.

Watch it for free online

Read how the film was produced and see behind-the-scenes photos in this article on Medium.


A short film written and directed by Iain Lowson, with a startling premise: only one word of dialogue is spoken in the entire film.

Monotone. Dull. Normal. Evelyn's existence is all of these things and nothing more. That is until she becomes aware of a humming noise. It starts to dominate her otherwise normal life...

Don't is produced by Stewart Jones and executive produced by Antony. Release is planned for 2023.