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Illustrated by Matthew Loux

“This book is full of surprises, not least of which is the writer. Gimme more work from Antony Johnston, please.”
Aint It Cool News

Nick Stoppard is a small-time photographer with big dreams. But just as his flailing headshot business is about to collapse, he meets supermodel Chantel. A white lie here or there, and before he knows it, Nick's terrible photography is the ironic darling of the fashion world.

But when Nick, haunted by imposter syndrome, tries to learn how to shoot 'properly', he finds himself trapped by the lies he's told, and in danger of losing everything — including Chantel.

“A great book that shouldn't be overlooked.”
Bookshelf Comics

“Johnston has a talent for writing people with flaws who are nonetheless quite likable, and he puts it to good use.”
The Fourth Rail

F-Stop © Antony Johnston and Matthew Loux.