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Atomic Blonde /
The Coldest City

“If Le Carré or Deighton were to produce a graphic novel, this would be it”
Spy Fiction Fan

#1 Bestseller, Graphic Novels

Nominee, Best Adaptation from A Graphic Novel
Harvey Awards

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Originally published as The Coldest City, this is the graphic novel that became a $100 million-box-office movie starring Charlize Theron.

November 1989. Communism is collapsing, and the Berlin Wall is about to fall. But first, MI6 officer Lorraine Broughton must retrieve a list of spies before it falls into the wrong hands. She walks into a powderkeg of social unrest, counter-espionage, defections gone bad and secret assassinations... and nothing is what it seems.

The Coldest Winter

“Gripping, filled with daring escapes and constant double crosses, and the masterful and unexpected conclusion will keep readers guessing to the very end”

A prequel to The Coldest City, set during the deadly winter of 1981. The Coldest Winter shines a light on David Perceval's early career in Berlin, as he fights to survive the lies and betrayal of the Cold War.

A post-apocalyptic epic saga spanning 60 monthly issues, one of only a handful of such longform stories in comics

“The finest piece of post-apocalyptic fiction on the shelves. Wasteland is exceptional”
Kieron Gillen

Wasteland is the story of Michael and Abi, two wanderers with strange powers, as they search a ruined America for the truth of The Big Wet — the event that destroyed the world a century before.

• Vol 1: Cities in Dust
• Vol 2: Shades of God
• Vol 3: Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
• Vol 4: Dog Tribe
• Vol 5: Tales of the Uninvited
• Vol 6: The Enemy Within
• Vol 7: Under the God
• Vol 8: Lost in the Ozone
• Vol 9: A Thousand Lies
• Vol 10: Last Exit for the Lost
• Vol 11: Floodland

The Fuse
Gripping, twist-filled murder mysteries — in space!

“Turns traditional expectations of the genre on their head... if you want more from your science fiction than space opera, The Fuse just might be what you've been looking for”
The Hollywood Reporter

The Fuse is a 4-volume series following old hand Klem Ristovych and young hotshot Ralph Dietrich, two overworked and underpaid Homicide detectives, working their shift on a futuristic space station... to solve the old-fashioned business of murder.

• Vol 1: The Russia Shift
• Vol 2: Gridlock
• Vol 3: Perihelion
• Vol 4: Constant Orbital Revolutions

Alex Rider
Graphic novels adapting the global bestseller YA series by Anthony Horowitz

“Alex remains an appealing hero... Even adventure lovers unfamiliar with the books will find it difficult to resist the hyperkinetic fun”

The Alex Rider graphic novels follow MI6's one and only teenage spy as he reluctantly (and repeatedly) saves the world from a rogues' gallery of dastardly villains... even though he'd rather be playing football.

• 1: Stormbreaker
• 2: Point Blanc
• 3: Skeleton Key
• 4: Eagle Strike
• 5: Scorpia
• 6: Ark Angel
• 7: Snakehead


New York Times bestseller

“A fun, breezy read... we dare you to find a better book”

Largely co-written with Andy Diggle for the 'Shadowland' crossover event, Antony's run on Daredevil saw the blind crimefighter descend into the darkest period of his career, as he became Shogun of the notorious Hand criminal empire.

In addition to the main storyline, Antony also wrote several one-shots and spin-offs featuring the character, including the New York Times bestseller Daredevil Season One (later reissued as Daredevil: Fearless Origins) which revisited the hero's earliest adventures in a modern style.

• Daredevil Season One
• Daredevil: Shadowland
• Daredevil: After the Fall
• Daredevil: Cage Match

Shadowland: Blood on the Streets

“Johnston brings his A game yet again... a Perfect 10 story”
Cosmic Book News

Misty Knight. The Shroud. Silver Sable. Paladin.

Four very different heroes, flung together by a single mystery — why is the Hand, now under Daredevil's leadership and operating out of the Hell's Kitchen fortress known as Shadowland, killing C-list mobsters and wiseguys?

As New York begins to turn on itself under the terrifying influence of Daredevil's new reign of martial law, Misty and her unlikely allies race to discover the truth — does Daredevil know about these killings? What is their purpose? And can they be stopped?

The answers will lead all four heroes down the dark streets of Shadowland, filled with violence, secrets, betrayal... and blood.

Shang-Chi: Deadly Hands of Kung fu

“As close as you can get to watching a badass martial arts flick”

Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, is troubled.

As Manhattan island is infested by a mysterious virus that gives ordinary people spider-powers — including the martial arts master himself — he is beset by nightmares of being a deadly spider, attacking and cocooning innocent people in unprovoked attacks.

When Shang-Chi learns that his friend and fellow kung fu hero Iron Fist has the same dreams, he knows the time has come to act. But this is a battle that will test Shang-Chi's willpower, strength, and heroism to the limit...

Wolverine: Prodigal Son

“Johnston delivers a story that will appeal to fans of both Naruto and X-Men”

Shortlisted for the YALSA ‘Great Graphic Novels for Teens’ list
American Library Association

Selected for the ‘Maverick Graphic Novels’ reading list & ‘Graphic Novels Brochure Grades 6-12’
Texas Library Association

Logan is fourteen, and due to graduate from the Quiet Earth School for Children—a retreat deep in the Canadian forest that takes in wayward kids, using martial arts study to turn them around.

Most of the students were sent to Quiet Earth by their parents... but not Logan. Six years ago he was found unconscious on the school steps in the dead of a midwinter night, with no memory of how he got there. In fact, the only thing he could remember was his name.

Now Logan is the school's best student, and a formidable warrior. But his bad attitude and loner nature are about to get him in trouble as he faces challenges of willpower, strength and skill greater than he's ever known. And the secrets he harbours are nothing compared to the secrets he is yet to uncover.

Dead Space
The original transmedia comic for the game that redefined a genre

“Probably the best videogame tie-in comic that has ever graced the shelves”
Comic Pants

Dead Space is a prequel story set on the Aegis VII 'planetcracking' colony which takes place immediately before the events of the videogame of the same name, which Antony also wrote.

The graphic novel was so well received that further transmedia was produced for every subsequent Dead Space release, with Antony himself penning two more: Dead Space Salvage and Dead Space Extraction.

A modern reworking of Shakespeare's classic play Julius Caesar set in the world of organised crime

“Shakespeare would be proud”

Returned home to London's East End after a bitter territorial war, gangster boss Julius discovers his position is in jeopardy from his own power-hungry lieutenants. Led by his right-hand man Brett, the gangsters assassinate Julius and make an alliance with a rival gang — but soon realise wielding power isn't as easy as it looks.

The Long Haul
A classic heist caper set in the Old West

“Ticking-clock suspense that will keep readers entranced”
Publisher's Weekly

Chicago, 1871. Famed bank robber Cody Plummer's prison time is behind him, but he's having a hard time staying legit. So when Cody hears about a train leaving for San Francisco with $1.9 million on board, he's tempted. And when he finds out the main charge of train security is the Pinkerton agent who put him away, he just can't resist. With the help of some old friends, Cody assembles a crack team of ageing professionals for one last score.

But this is no ordinary heist. The train is the most secure, technologically-advanced locomotive of its time. It can't be stopped, it can't be broken into, the safe can't be blown open or carried away — and there are fourteen armed guards between Cody and the cash...

Dark fantasy in a world where magic and religion are outlawed

“As frightening as it is gorgeous... Highly Recommended”
The AV Club

As the Kingdom of Fendin celebrates a once-in-500-years eclipse, the Umbral — shape-shifting shadow creatures from another dimension — infiltrate the palace, slaughter and impersonate the royal family, and use a magical gem called the Oculus to open a gate to their home world!

But they didn't reckon on young thief Rascal, who steals the gem and escapes. Now Rascal and her strange hobo-wizard companion Dalone, who claims to be 500 years old, are the only people who know what's really happening — and when your enemies can look like anyone, who can you trust?

• Book One: Out of the Shadows
• Book Two: The Dark Path

Codename Baboushka
You might think she's a hero. That would be a mistake

“An ass-kicking spy heroine who will appeal to fans of Marvel's Black Widow”
The AV Club

Contessa Annika Malikova is the last of a noble Russian line. Three years ago, the Contessa fled to New York with family friend Gyorgy Gyorgyov, claiming political asylum. Rarely seen in public, she quickly became a glamorous and enigmatic figure of Manhattan high society.

But Annika has a dark secret. In fact, she's the legendary crime lord codenamed “Baboushka”! After her organisation was betrayed and destroyed by a cabal of rival mafiya, she escaped to America and laid low...

...Until Mr Clay, head of the shadowy Extrajudicial Operations Network, discovers her true identity. Threatened with deportation back to Moscow — and the certain death that awaits her there — Baboushka is forced to work for EON, taking on dirty jobs so classified even the CIA can't sanction them.

• Vol 1: The Conclave of Death
• Vol 2: Ghost Station Zero

Queen & Country: Declassified
Delving into the tragic past of an SIS Minder

“Brings a genuine tone to an extreme side of the world most of us never see. BEST OF THE WEEK”
The Fourth Rail

Before he became Minder 3 in Britain's Special Intelligence Service, Sergeant Nick Poole was a rising star among the men of 22 Para (Special Air Service)... better known as the SAS. This story looks back at a defining period in Poole's life, during his six-month tour of duty in a Northern Ireland that has changed drastically since the Good Friday Agreement.

No longer one of the most dangerous operational theatres in the world for a British soldier, a tour in Ulster Troop is seen more like a holiday with every passing day... Until infamous paramilitary man Liam Finnegan is released from the Maze prison during the last wave of closedown.

And Finnegan, imprisoned for twenty-two years thanks to the SAS, wants revenge.

Three Days In Europe
A globe-trotting romantic comedy... with a criminal twist

“A wonderful, brilliant, and funny as all hell farce”
Forbidden Planet

Attempting to revive their ailing relationship, power couple Jack and Jill both buy surprise trips to Europe for Valentine's gifts — and after an argument and mix-up at the airport, board each other's intended flights!

Soon Jill is caught up travelling with Jack's favourite rock band, while Jack is seduced into taking part in a million-dollar Paris art heist. And neither of them knows they're heading on a collision course...

A love story in pictures

“This book is full of surprises. Gimme more work from Antony Johnston, please”
Aint It Cool News

Small-time photographer Nick Stoppard has big dreams. But just as his flailing headshot business is about to collapse, he meets supermodel Chantel. A white lie here or there, and before he knows it, Nick's bad photography is the ironic darling of the fashion world.

But when Nick, haunted by imposter syndrome, tries to learn how to shoot 'properly', he finds himself trapped by the lies he's told, and in danger of losing everything — including Chantel.

Who's in your head?

“Shot through with the same bone-freezing, damp atmospherics that mildew the very best English occult chillers”
Alan Moore

Goth artist Emily Spook has a secret source of inspiration; ghosts live in her head. But her latest tenant, Simon, was an occultist — and was murdered by a mysterious group with their own supernatural connections. Now they're killing the other members of Simon's coven one by one, and they seem to know more about Emily than she's ever told anyone. Anyone alive, that is.

Distance Means Nothing

“Johnston continues his epic quest to breathe spasming, blasphemous, unforgettable life into the moribund staples of the horror genre”
Mike Carey

Serena Cumberland, daughter of a late physicist, is one of six people invited to a remote island home to witness a scientific breakthrough. She discovers the others were Dr Cumberland's colleagues, all part of a teleportation experiment that went badly wrong and was covered up.

Their host, a forgotten lab technician from the experiment, believes he's now perfected their work; but his demonstration vaporizes him, and blows out the house's power. And then people start dying...

Yuggoth Creatures
One man's terrifying journey through the Lovecraft Mythos

Anders Ericsson, Professor of Anthropology at Miskatonic University in Arkham, has spent his life investigating and struggling against the dark machinations of the Great Old Ones on Earth. Now, at the end of his life, he has written his memoirs... To warn an unsuspecting world of the danger it's in!

Illustrated by an all-star line-up of horror artists, Yuggoth Creatures features eighteen Mythos stories following the exploits of Professor Ericsson on his thirty-year quest for the truth — from humble beginnings in the clifftop town of New Surrey, through the hoary depths of ancient Egypt, to an encounter with Great Cthulhu himself! Can Ericsson stay sane as he unravels the secret history of the Universe?

After Days Of Passion
An innovative experiment in non-linear webcomics

Selected for inclusion in the British Library's ‘Comics Unmasked’ exhibition

A man sits alone, surrounded by pieces of his life as he relates his story. Fragments of the present and memories of the past give hints and clues to a grim turn of events.

After Days of Passion was an early webcomics experiment; a collage piece with no arbitrary narrative structure, inviting the reader to piece together parts of the puzzle themselves through fragments and shreds of the whole, presented as a montage of illustration and text.

There is no beginning, no end. The reader controls the experience. This work can only exist on the Web.

After Days of Passion was created in 1999, and was innovative in its use of the web to create a non-linear narrative. Its original home is long gone, but the experience has been archived here on Antony's website. Click here to view it.

Rosemary’s Backpack

“An adventure filled with slam-bang action, humor, and great characters... it's too good to miss”
Kat Kan, VOYA Magazine

Rosemary is a normal teenage geek; shy, introverted, with no time for anything besides schoolwork, homework, and, uh, computer hacking. But one morning, Rosemary's life is turned upside-down when she literally bumps into a stranger, who switches her school backpack for one he's carrying... and this one talks!

Rosemary soon discovers 'Pablo' the wise-cracking backpack is actually a prototype weapon… and a whole bunch of people will stop at nothing to get it back. But is it right?

Continuing Alan Moore and Bryan Talbot's unfinished story

It's 1981, and young Mirrigan Demdyke is the last in a long line of sorcerors — a member of a magical community who call themselves Birds.

Mirrigan's father, Harold Demdyke, was once Emperor Of All The Birds. But when Mirrigan was ten she watched Harold die, killed in a psychic attack by rival sorcery. Only eighteen years later, on her grandmother's deathbed, did Mirrigan learn the full truth — her father was killed not by one rival Bird, which is the proper custom, but by a gang of seven.

These birds are stronger, wiser and more powerful than Mirrigan, but she has sworn vengeance on them nonetheless, and must now confront them one by one. But the cabal's agenda is not so straightforward as Mirrigan thinks, and anything that comes between them and their destiny must be destroyed — including this wayward Demdyke girl...

Nightjar was created by Alan Moore and Bryan Talbot in 1980, but only one short chapter was produced. Twenty-three years later, continuation of the story was entrusted to Antony and artist Max Fiumara.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Fearbook
‘The Valentine's Day Massacre’

Romance is in the air as Valentine's Day comes to Fuller, and with it four hippies looking for a place to picnic and get high. But Sheriff Hoyt doesn't have much time for loving, especially when outsiders talk back to him.

One wrong word too many catapults the unwitting teenagers into a world of pain, and soon it's not romance that fills the air... It's the sweet smell of chainsaw gas!

Alan Moore adaptations

Fashion Beast

New York Times bestseller

“An amazing graphic novel”
Cory Doctorow

Doll Seguin, gender-bending coat check at the Catwalk Club, dreams of being a star. A celebrity. Of being somebody.

But in the strange, desolate city where Celestine's fashion house rules supreme, Doll knows it's never going to happen... until it does.

Plucked from obscurity by the hideous and reclusive fashion genius Celestine, Doll is thrust into the limelight, only to discover the truth behind the glamour isn't so enticing as imagined — and that Doll's beastly svengali has bigger, and stranger, ambitions for Doll than could possibly be suspected...

A retelling of Beauty And The Beast in a world gone mad, Fashion Beast was the brainchild of Malcolm McLaren and Alan Moore. Originally written in 1985 as a screenplay and deemed “unfilmable” by Hollywood, this comic version is a faithful adaptation made with McLaren's blessing and overseen by Moore himself.

The Courtyard

New York Times bestseller

“One of the best adaptations in comic form I've ever read”
Independent Propaganda

FBI Agent Aldo Sax has a problem. His boss has sent him deep undercover to investigate a series of bizarre and horrific murders, related only by the brutal fashion in which the victims were mutilated. Three unrelated people have already confessed to some of the killings. Only some.

But Sax is an Anomaly Theorist; finding links between unrelated factors is what he does. If he can find a link between the three confessed killers, it may lead him to a fourth. Down in the urban twilight of Red Hook, Sax discovers that the path he must follow leads straight to... The Courtyard.

The Hypothetical Lizard

This is the story of Som-Som, a young prostitute who has undergone the most radical cosmetic surgery imaginable; the membrane between the left and right halves of her brain has been split, leaving Som-Som able to see and hear, but not speak or act. For Som-Som is a whore of wizards, and this is the only way they can be sure she will not betray them.

Now Som-Som's unique circumstance will place her in the centre of an emotional dilemma, as the return of an old friend to the House Without Clocks triggers a tragic series of events. Unable to act on her suspicions, Som-Som can only watch as Rawra Chin falls deeper and deeper into an abyss of his own making, and ponder the question:

Light Of Thy Countenance

“It becomes a much richer and more involving experience to absorb the piece in this format”
Trash Film Guru

In 1995, Alan Moore wrote a disturbing and hypnotic piece concerning television for the anthology Forbidden Acts.

It was a freestyle beat poem, a polemic essay and historical treatise all in one, condemning both the bland, commercial and hypocritical disgrace that has usurped the medium's potential, and the willing public who accept it without criticism.

The Light of Thy Countenance graphic novel brings this piece to life in comic form, adapted to sequential narrative by Antony and beautifully painted in full colour by Felipe Massafera.

Another Suburban Romance

In 1976, Alan Moore co-wrote with Jamie Delano the surrealist play Another Suburban Romance. Moore's contributions were two soliloquies — Judy Switched Off the TV and Old Gangsters Never Die — along with the eponymous finale.

Another Suburban Romance is a graphic novel featuring all three of these pieces, adapted into comic form by Antony and Juan Jose Ryp, in his trademark hyper-detailed style. The pieces appear in the same order as in the original play.

Reading almost like music videos, the book takes readers on a journey through a surreal nightmare dreamscape in Judy Switched Off the TV, to the old-school romantic rogue dramas of Old Gangsters Never Die, and draws to a close with a metafictive dystopian prophesy in Another Suburban Romance.

Short Comics for Anthologies

The Trooper
Published in Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind, an official anthology of stories inspired by songs on the album

Z2 Comics, 2023

People First
Published in 24 Panels, to benefit the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire

Image Comics, 2018

Rat Trap
A Wasteland story, published in the Thought Bubble Anthology 2011

Image Comics, 2011

Supergiant Blues
Published in 24SEVEN, Vol 2

Image Comics, 2007

Best Side Out
Published in Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened

Villard Books, 2007

Published in Four Letter Worlds

Image Comics, 2005

Sweeps Week
Published in Noble Causes: Extended Family, Vol 2

Image Comics, 2004

Sunday Mourning
9-11: Artists Respond, Vol 1, an anthology to benefit those affected by 9-11

DC/Dark Horse/Chaos! Comics, 2002