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The Hypothetical Lizard
Illustrated by Sebastián Fiumara & Lorenzo Lorente

“Half her face was porcelain.”

This is the story of Som-Som, a young prostitute who has undergone the most radical cosmetic surgery imaginable; the membrane between the left and right halves of her brain has been split, leaving Som-Som able to see and hear, but not speak or act. For Som-Som is a whore of wizards, and this is the only way they can be sure she will not betray them.

Now Som-Som's unique circumstance will place her in the centre of an emotional dilemma, as the return of an old friend to the House Without Clocks triggers a tragic series of events. Unable to act on her suspicions, Som-Som can only watch as Rawra Chin falls deeper and deeper into an abyss of his own making, and ponder the question:

“Is there a lizard asleep within the ball?”

Adapted from an original novella by Alan Moore.

The Hypothetical Lizard © Alan Moore.