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The Long Haul
Illustrated by Eduardo Barreto

“Proof positive that Westerns haven't yet given up the ghost... Ticking-clock suspense that will keep readers entranced.”
Publisher's Weekly

Chicago, 1871. Famed bank robber Cody Plummer's prison time is behind him, but he's having a hard time staying legit. So when Cody hears about a train leaving for San Francisco with $1.9 million on board, he's tempted. And when he finds out the main charge of train security is the Pinkerton agent who put him away, he just can't resist. With the help of some old friends, Cody assembles a crack team of ageing professionals for one last score.

But this is no ordinary heist. The train is the most secure, technologically-advanced locomotive of its time. It can't be stopped, it can't be broken into, the safe can't be blown open or carried away — and there are fourteen armed guards between Cody and the cash...

“A classic caper story.”
Jeff Mariotte

“The best Western graphic novel I've read in a long time.”
Alan David Doane

The Long Haul © Antony Johnston and Eduardo Barreto.