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Illustrated by Max Fiumara

“There is the nightjar in agate... It was your father's wish that you should have it, once you were of an age. Only treat it with caution. Sometimes it sings...”

It's 1981, and young Mirrigan Demdyke is the last in a long line of sorcerors — a member of a magical community who call themselves Birds.

Mirrigan's father, Harold Demdyke, was once Emperor Of All The Birds. But when Mirrigan was ten she watched Harold die, killed in a psychic attack by rival sorcery. Only eighteen years later, on her grandmother's deathbed, did Mirrigan learn the full truth — her father was killed not by one rival Bird, which is the proper custom, but by a gang of seven.

These birds are stronger, wiser and more powerful than Mirrigan, but she has sworn vengeance on them nonetheless, and must now confront them one by one. But the cabal's agenda is not so straightforward as Mirrigan thinks, and anything that comes between them and their destiny must be destroyed — including this wayward Demdyke girl...

NIGHTJAR was created by Alan Moore and Bryan Talbot for WARRIOR (home of MIRACLEMAN and V FOR VENDETTA) in 1980, but only one short chapter was produced, and it was never published. Twenty-three years later, that story was finished and published for the first time in issue #1 of Avatar Press' YUGGOTH CULTURES, before continuation of the story was entrusted to Antony and artist Max Fiumara.

Nightjar © Alan Moore & Bryan Talbot.