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The Organised Writer


“I've been a working writer for thirty years. Johnston convinced me I've been doing it wrong. This book is like a cabinet of wonders for the working scribbler”
John Birmingham

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THE ORGANISED WRITER is a productivity system designed for writers, by a writer.

Built upon solid, practical principles such as clean mind theory and memory offloading, its purpose is to help you write more, and be at your most creative, by allowing you to focus entirely on writing when you sit down at your keyboard.

Designed and used for more than a decade by Antony himself, THE ORGANISED WRITER is a no-nonsense guide to being more productive — and more organised! — that understands the life and needs of a working writer. It doesn't bamboozle you with lingo, ask the impossible, or saddle you with endless lists.

Written in a conversational, page-turning style, THE ORGANISED WRITER is for everyone — full-time or part-time, fiction or non-fiction, professional or amateur — who's ever wanted to take control of their writing. It's a practical and focused approach to writing in the real world.

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“I'm a messy-brained writer. The Organised Writer helped me tidy up, and improved my working life on a daily basis
Kieron Gillen

“Johnston packs his book with practical insights and clever methods —┬áthe chapters on calendar management and time-blocking alone were like a bolt of lightning to my daily routine. The Organised Writer is the manual you've been looking for
Helene Wecker

“Antony has uncovered a secret I wish I'd learned twenty years ago; writing benefits way less from inspiration than from sound process”
Merlin Mann

“The Organised Writer is like having a writing coach at your elbow and contains excellent advice... The book itself is extremely well-organised and easy to use. I know I will refer to it again and again”
Christine Poulson

“I found it essential reading, the most useful practical guide to being a writer since reading Dorethea Brande's Becoming A Writer. I love Antony Johnston's no-shit approach to the writing process”
Wyl Menmuir

“Antony is the Marie Kondo of writing
Linda Stratmann

THE ORGANISED WRITER is Antony's no-nonsense productivity system for writers. It's published by Bloomsbury.

The Organised Writer © Antony Johnston.