Antony Johnston
Award-winning New York Times bestseller
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Writing and Breathing

A show about why, how, and what we write, where Antony chats with fellow authors of all kinds. A must-listen for anyone interested in the craft and business of writing.

The author-to-author conversation format allows Antony and his guests to discuss their processes, methods, and the nuts and bolts of being a writer. These are the questions writers don't normally get asked.

Guests include Vaseem Khan, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Greg Rucka, Cherie Priest, Kieron Gillen, Maya Rodale, Paul Cornell, Amal El-Mohtar, Patrick Gale, and many more.

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Unjustly Maligned

“It's the essential unfairness of the premise that makes these conversations spark”
The Guardian

Known as ‘the show for people who go against the grain’, Unjustly Maligned is a show in which guests talk about something they love, that others... don't. In each episode Antony asks someone to explain why that thing you think is terrible (or simply don't know at all) is actually worth your time.

Guests include Wil Wheaton, Leigh Alexander, Merlin Mann, Brianna Wu, Jason Snell, Maya Rodale, Paul Cornell, Meredith Yayanos, Casey Liss, and many more.

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Thrash It Out

Antony and co-host Brian LeTendre — both lifelong heavy metal fans — take it in turns to choose an album they must listen to, then argue about it. Even if you're not into metal, it's a lot of fun.

(But if you are, it's even better.)

In the spirit of underground music, Thrash It Out is completely independent, entirely funded and supported by listeners through Patreon. ‘Patron Perks’ include participation in listener polls to select an episode's album, and even being invited on to special Backstage Pass episodes.

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The Incomparable

The Incomparable Mothership is a pop culture discussion podcast, and its eponymous network a gathering of like-minded fans and nerds making dozens of different shows for, well, other fans and nerds.

After debuting Unjustly Maligned on the network, Antony soon began appearing on The Incomparable Mothership, and other Incomparable shows, as a panelist and guest host.

Visit The Incomparable for links to Antony's appearances across the network

The Incomparable Game Show

Where panelists go to die (mostly of sleep-deprived laughter), and one of the most popular shows on the network. Hosts and guests from other Incomparable shows get together to play quizzes, board games, bizarre versions of old-style text adventures, pastiches of TV shows, and more.

Antony hosts UK Triv, wherein baffled North Americans stumble their way through old British editions of Trivial Pursuit, and can also be found making irregular appearances on other game shows such as Low Definition, Inconceivable!, and Random Pursuit.

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