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Queen & Country: Declassified, Vol. III
Illustrated by Christopher Mitten

“Terrific stuff... Gave me an excellent read. BOOK OF THE WEEK”
Brian Hibbs' Savage Critic

Before he became Minder 3 in Britain's Special Intelligence Service, Sergeant Nick Poole was a rising star among the men of 22 Para (Special Air Service) - better known as the SAS.

QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED, Volume III looks back at a defining period in Poole's life, during his six-month tour of duty in a Northern Ireland that has changed drastically since the Good Friday Agreement.

No longer one of the most dangerous operational theatres in the world for a British soldier, a tour in Ulster Troop is seen more like a holiday with every passing day... Until infamous paramilitary man Liam Finnegan is released from the Maze prison during the last wave of closedown.

And Finnegan, imprisoned for twenty-two years thanks to the SAS themselves, wants revenge.

“Brings a genuine tone to an extreme side of the world most of us never see. BEST OF THE WEEK”
The Fourth Rail

“If you can use some think in your comics, give this a shot. PICK OF THE WEEK”

QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED, VOL III is the only Q&C story written by someone other than series creator Greg Rucka. It's also collected in Volume 4 of the QUEEN & COUNTRY DEFINITIVE EDITION omnibus editions.

Queen & Country © Greg Rucka.