RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

“Fast, fun, and fiendish.”
Digital Spy

Winner, VR GAME OF E3
Digital Spy

RIGS is a sci-fi e-sports VR game. Players pilot teams of giant exoskeleton combat 'Rigs', fighting and scoring points in huge arena battles to rise through the league.

“The future sports setting is well fleshed out... In terms of its use of VR, and its graphics in general, RIGS is very impressive.”

“RIGS manages to nail the cheerful, bright tone of Overwatch, and marry it to the classic mech simulators of old in one fell swoop... it might be the most justified virtual reality game I've ever played.”

“There's a sense of elation and immersion that makes it a standout moment in PlayStation VR's launch lineup. For those that decry VR and say 'there are no actual proper games', RIGS stands tall.”
God is a Geek

“Fast and satisfying... a superb first-person shooter that utilizes the unique aspects of virtual reality to deliver an exciting gameplay experience you won't find anywhere else.”
Upload VR

RIGS is developed by Guerilla, a Sony studio in Cambridge UK. Antony worked with the team to develop the game world, to help design the commentary dialogue system, and he co-wrote the commentary script.

RIGS © Sony.