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Shadowland: Blood on the Streets
Illustrated by Wellinton Alves

“Some of the best writing I've seen... This is definitely a series worth reading.”

Misty Knight. The Shroud. Silver Sable. Paladin.

Four very different heroes, flung together by a single mystery — why is the Hand, now under Daredevil's leadership and operating out of the Hell's Kitchen fortress known as Shadowland, killing C-list mobsters and wiseguys?

As New York begins to turn on itself under the terrifying influence of Daredevil's new reign of martial law, Misty and her unlikely allies race to discover the truth — does Daredevil know about these killings? What is their purpose? And can they be stopped?

The answers will lead all four heroes down the dark streets of Shadowland, filled with violence, secrets, betrayal... and blood.

“Johnston brings his A game yet again... a Perfect 10 story.”
Cosmic Book News

“Blood On The Streets is my favorite part of Shadowland.”
Fantastic Fan Girls

“A riveting detective story... I wish more comics were written like this.”
The Weekly Crisis

BLOOD ON THE STREETS is part of Marvel's Daredevil event SHADOWLAND. The series can be read on its own, or as part of the larger event.

All characters © Marvel.