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Three Days In Europe
Illustrated by Mike Hawthorne

“A wonderful, brilliant, and funny as all hell farce... The most complete and satisfying comic book I've read for a long time”
Forbidden Planet

Attempting to revive their ailing relationship, power couple Jack and Jill both buy surprise trips to Europe for Valentine's gifts — and after an argument and mix-up at the airport, board each other's intended flights!

Soon Jill is caught up travelling with Jack's favourite rock band, while Jack is seduced into taking part in a million-dollar Paris art heist. And neither of them knows they're heading on a collision course...

“Gleefully moves in directions you never saw coming.”
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“A fun, romantic adventure... accessible enough to be enjoyed by newcomers and people who have loved graphic novels for years.”
No Flying No Tights

Three Days in Europe © Antony Johnston and Mike Hawthorne.