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Illustrated by Christopher Mitten

“As frightening as it is gorgeous... Showcases Johnston and Mitten's established creative synergy. Highly Recommended.”
The AV Club

As the Kingdom of Fendin celebrates a once-in-500-years eclipse, the Umbral — shape-shifting shadow creatures from another dimension — infiltrate the palace, slaughter and impersonate the royal family, and use a magical gem called the Oculus to open a gate to their home world!

But they didn't reckon on young thief Rascal, who steals the gem and escapes. Now Rascal and her strange hobo-wizard companion Dalone, who claims to be 500 years old, are the only people who know what's really happening — and when your enemies can look like anyone, who can you trust?

“Rascal is a character Arya Stark fans will find easy to love... UMBRAL is, in a year crammed full of insanely good comics, one of the very best.”
Bleeding Cool

“Surprising while also laying down familiar groundwork... A world brimming with potential.”
Aint It Cool

“Johnston and Mitten clearly understand the high fantasy tropes... At the same time, they bring an edge to those tropes. It feels different from everything else I'm reading.”
Fantastic Fangirls

UMBRAL is a dark fantasy series, and another collaboration between Antony and artist Christopher Mitten after their epic series WASTELAND. It's published by Image Comics.

Book One:
Out of the Shadows

AN INCREDIBLE NEW DARK FANTASY STARTS HERE! The young thief called Rascal witnesses the horrific and brutal murder of the royal family — now the world's dark legends will be relived, and only Rascal even knows it's happening! Master worldbuilders Antony Johnston (WASTELAND, DAREDEVIL) and Christopher Mitten (WASTELAND, CRIMINAL MACABRE) bring you a new fantasy world rich in mythology, history, and blood!

Book Two:
The Dark Path

THE PARANOID DARK FANTASY CONTINUES! Rascal has escaped the city — and the clutches of the terrible Umbral shadow-creatures, disguised as humans! But danger also haunts the dark mist of the Bulaswode, and as betrayal prepares to stab her in the back, Rascal must choose whether to trust her friends... or an Umbral! Master worldbuilders Antony Johnston (THE FUSE, WASTELAND) and Christopher Mitten (CRIMINAL MACABRE, WASTELAND) bring you a dark fantasy unlike anything you've seen before!

Umbral © Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten.