Dead Space

Dead Space

The game that redefined a genre, recreating survival horror for a new generation of players aboard the cursed 'planetcracker' ship Ishimura.

“A nail-biting experience, driven forward by the film-worthy script and inspired setting.”
Xbox World 360

Dead Space Extraction

A companion game to DEAD SPACE, EXTRACTION is an innovative 'lightgun game' with extraordinary focus on the storytelling and character development of a rag-tag group fighting to survive.

“Better designed, written, acted and directed than 99 percent of any genre's games”
Edge Magazine

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An acclaimed WiiU launch title set during the Second Great Plague of London, as the streets fill with 'Blighter' zombies. ZOMBIU's world is derived from an alternate London history inspired by the life and work of John Dee.

“The storyline, based on an adapted history of Britain, is intriguing... hell-bent on causing as much tension as possible”
The Independent

Shadow of Mordor


The multi-award winning game set in JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth before the War of the Ring.

“An enormous amount of dialogue [is] tailored to your previous encounters that really gives the game world life. A lot of what these guys have to say is really dark and twisted, too. Just ugly, fun stuff.”
Giant Bomb

Blackwood Crossing

An emotionally-driven storytelling game exploring the relationship of two siblings who are growing apart, and dealing with loss.

“A powerful story driven experience... Heart wrenchingly beautiful and emotionally exhausting.”
PlayStation Universe

The Assembly

An award-winning VR adventure in which players follow dual stories through a mysterious, sinister organisation.

“A thought-provoking and unique narrative... a compelling story from start to finish.”
Upload VR

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