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Readers' Letters

Do you want to write to the letter column in one of Antony's books? Then email this address. All letters will be assumed OK to print unless otherwise stated.

More general emails to Antony should be sent here. Please read the FAQ before writing.

Antony thoroughly enjoys receiving your letters. He reads them all and tries to reply where possible, but a response cannot be guaranteed.

Please DO NOT email any unpublished stories, ideas, manuscripts, or comics to read. See the FAQ for why such items will be deleted unread, and what you can do instead.

Social Networks

Content warning: some of the following blogs and accounts feature adult themes and language. Also, interminable photos of dogs.





Keeping Up-to-Date

The best and most reliable way of following Antony's work is through this site, and the work journal.

If you use an RSS reader, such as Digg Reader or Feedly, the site RSS feed is here.

If you want updates by some means other than direct RSS, there are several options:

• Follow Antony on Twitter

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• Read the bulletins at Antony's Amazon author page or Goodreads page, where updates to the journal are automatically mirrored (when their RSS scrapers are working, that is)

Conventions & Signings

Antony regularly appears at conventions, and does store signings, in both the UK and USA. All appearances are detailed in advance on this site and Twitter.

To book Antony for an appearance or signing, refer to the page For Press & Retailers.


To hire Antony, contact the appropriate agent:

Literary & Graphic Novels

• Worldwide: Sarah Such.


• USA / North America: Scott Agostoni.

• UK / Europe / Rest of World: Sini Downing at Sidelines.

Screenwriting, Animation, Broadcast, etc.

• Worldwide: Scott Agostoni.

IP & Media Rights

• Varies according to format, publisher, title status, etc. Contact Antony directly in the first instance, stating which properties you are interested in.