Atomic Blonde

“Johnston masterfully draws the story to a height, tension and speed rising as the reader comes to see the whole of things... brilliantly and subtly done”
The AV Club

This is the graphic novel that became the movie ATOMIC BLONDE, starring Charlize Theron as MI6 officer Lorraine Broughton on a mission to retrieve missing intelligence in Cold War Berlin — just as the Berlin Wall is about to come crashing down. Originally published as THE COLDEST CITY.

The Tempus Project

“Absolutely awesome — the best techno-thriller I’ve read for a very long time. Bridge is a wonderfully painted character”
MW Craven

In the sequel to the critically-acclaimed EXPHORIA CODE, MI6 hacker Brigitte Sharp battles a series of attacks by a hacker known only as 'Tempus', who threatens to destroy the balance of global power. Bridge is drawn into the dark-web world of cryptocurrencies, Russian hackers, and African rebel militias in a desperate race against time.

Dead Space

“A nail-biting experience, driven forward by the film-worthy script and inspired setting”
Xbox World 360

The classic game that redefined a genre, recreating survival horror for a new generation. DEAD SPACE takes players aboard the cursed 'planetcracker' ship Ishimura to fight, and try to survive, an extra-terrestrial infection that transforms the crew into physics-defying nightmare creatures.

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